This blog is about anything I happen to be into really. However, I would like to commit to the following: people can contact this blog with their own stories about crossing international borders and travel for business to other countries.  Postable.

NOW there's another reason I haven't posted lately:


I have been busy finishing my 4th album.


FRACTAL by Shawn Lacey


Feb. 23, 2016:  My new album of instrumental rock, jazz, chill, world and acoustic music is now in mastering and will be released on Thursday, March 3rd.  This album shows eclectic influences from across the globe as well as a greater use of keyboards and woodwinds.


It will be on Bandcamp, YouTube and various streaming channels in just 10 days!





I haven't posted much to this blog because I have been using all my spare time to look for book bloggers to review my book.  Talk about tedious and time-consuming!

New Blog Name

I just changed the name of my blog to one that is more appropriate...

"I have been contacting book bloggers about reviewing my new book, and I found out two things:
1. Many do not accept works by self-published authors
2. Many are not accepting new material for review at all
Thus, it is a little tough...

Shawn Lacey

Booklikes Author

I just posted a review of a work of poetry

Sensual Rhapsody, a group of 18 poems by David Russell.


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